"This sophisticated and highly talented group rose effortlessly to the constant challenge posed by an unrelenting audience of all ages. Suggested subjects for interpretation included a radio D.J. who broadcasted from a cupboard, the sandman who meets Dracula.
A hilarious conversation between the utensils in a hairdressers shop late at night when the customers have all gone. So impressed was I at the variety of improvisation and ablibing of this group, I returned the following afternoon for a second helping."

***** - Festival Radio Project 2005 (


Critic's Choice - (

"What a good idea - improvised comedy for kids, a sort of Junior Mastersons - and it's brilliantly done. Five experienced comedy actors (Richard Vranch, Leisa Rea, Alys Torrance, Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Janice Phayre) have come together to present a simple format, but with hilarious results, and grown-ups will probably laugh as much as the younger members of the audience. When I saw them, we were treated to some wonderful inventions, including the story of the Mysterious Economist, a bizarre tale about a werewolf, a zombie and a tourist from Somerset, and an uplifting piece about an unhappy elephant. I haven't had a more enjoyable hour for ages - do not miss it!"

***** - Neil Ingram (


Critic's Choice - The List (

"Five storytellers dressed in stripy pyjamas and surrounded by musical intruments create theatrical magic as effortlessly as breathing. Well-schooled in the art of improvisation, the Yarnbards turn audience suggestions into clever, funny, and often bizarre tales. All five performers are impressively quick-witted, jumping in as and when required with no prior consultation. This time around we had a stamp-making machine, a horrible aunty and a mean wizard, but every show is different from start to finish. As much for adults as for children, this show rests at the more sophisticated end of kiddie entertainment. Inevitably any improvisation show is only as strong as the material provided - so give your little ones' imagination a stoke before going in."

**** - Kelly Apter (The List)


"What a splendid show. We're very glad we went. The five performers are smart, fast, child friendly and just edgy enough for adults... The skit with the boring pirates taking on control of the Queen Mary is still being talked about in our house 3 days later. Well done."

***** - Sal (Parent)

"Whether you want a scary, funny, magical or just plain silly story, YarnBards is the show for you. Five storytellers dressed in pyjamas act out tales based on suggestions shouted out from both kids and adults among the audience, making each show completely different. Today's stories included a 'who can be the nastiest' competition between a horrible aunty and a bad wizard and the tale of the magical stamp maker. The actors' energy shines through their hilarious portrayal of all sorts of characters. The show is simple and easy to follow - a perfect show for both your children and the child in you."

Three Weeks


"We had talking hippos, magic broccoli and haunted fruit. Nowhere else will children and adults be entertained by 5 improvisers in their pyjamas and leave with a song in their head. Just go now!"

***** - Jen


"From the story about magic toothpaste, to the cow on a boat in the mediterranean looking for pizza, i was totally captivated and didn't dare to look away for even a second"

*****- Iona Kerr (8)

"The yarnbards are brilliant, superb, amazing, tremendous, excellent, great at improvisation, hilarious, glorious, super, good, wonderful and some of the best acting i've seen for a long time"

*****- Alfie (10)

"They instantly create wacky stories before your very eyes from words suggested to them by you. The comedians are very funny and I expect they have had lots of practice by the looks of it! It will never be the same twice so you can come again, and again, and it will never get boring!"

*****- Clemmie (9)

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